April 15, 2024

Have we become too politically correct in our society?


This archived article was written by: Christopher Palo

Today the phrase “land of the free” has become an antiquated and almost spat upon statement. With some interest groups becoming fighters for equality, at what point do we decide what’s really equal and what is special treatment? Special interest groups claiming to want the same rights as others but then push for more and more privileges and even denying others constitutional freedoms so the members of the groups “feelings” are not hurt, at what point is enough, enough?
In a park in Ohio a flier stapled to a tree reads, “First annual straight-white-guy festival. A festival for people who enjoy being straight, white and male. Open to all ages. Everyone welcome. Beer available.” What appears to be a festival to show that straight white-males are not the evil-hate mongers has a lot of special interest groups up in arms about the subject.
Michael Premo of “Why Marriage Matters” was quoted by the Huffington Post saying, “This kind of thing implies there’s some kind of struggle going on for being a straight-white person in Ohio.” He continues, “Straight-white people are doing just fine… I think it detracts from the real problem of Ohio that needs to be solved, that [people] are being denied their constitutional rights because of who they are and who they love.”
The most hated genre of people in the world today is straight-white-Christian males. When a person disagrees with President Barak Obama they get branded as a racist. Even if their point is valid, and had no bearing on race at all, the mere mention of racism makes that individual’s point invalid and that person is shoved aside and no longer heard. If a black man shoots a white man there are no headlines about it but if a white man shoots a black man all of a sudden it’s a racial thing. Decide for yourself are “straight-white males doing just fine…” or not.
With so many politically correct arguments, the number one rally cry is “what about the children?” Everything from marriage to guns to the actual military is under attack.
It has been 650 years since the first recorded fire arm was used, yet it has only become a danger recently. With groups like Mothers Against Guns and large portions of the Democratic Party trying to ban guns, it becomes a question of why now. Why is it so dangerous to have a gun now? Why just now are Gun-Grabbers so desperately trying to outlaw firearms? Why, because they hurt peoples feelings.
Logic has been replaced with emotion and reason had been replaced with hearsay. Ignorance and gossip have become more prevalent than research and understanding and entitlement has become almost a full-time job.
It’s easier to claim hurt feelings and sue a person than it is to put in an actual days work.
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