July 23, 2024

Men’s soccer busted

This archived article was written by: Josie Slade

At approximately 3:28 a.m. on Sept. 11, a Utah Highway Patrolman and Price City Police officer arrived at Tucker Residence Hall to investigate a loud party among a few residents. Several students, including myself, stood outside in the parking lot early that morning and watched the police go into the apartment.
As I stood with fellow students, one informed me of what had happened prior to the police arriving. A student on the second floor was attempting to sleep when loud noises in the room below him kept him awake.
He walked downstairs and knocked on the door where several players from the men’s soccer team resided. He smelled smoke and when they opened the door, they were hostile towards him.
He returned to his apartment and called the resident advisor who was on duty at the time. The RA came to the apartment where the noise was coming from to ask the residents to keep their volume down. It was here that she became suspicious of possible partying. She called county dispatch, and within 20 minutes a highway patrolman and a Price City Police Officer (for the use of translation) arrived at Tucker.
When the police arrived, soccer players attempted to run. One of the boys managed to dive out the window, breaking the window screen. The police then proceeded to pull a Hookah from within the room.
The next day, soccer coach Ammon Bennett issued drug testing for the 10 players who were involved in the incident from Thursday morning.
Athletic Director Dave Paur commented, “The 10 players were suspended one game (Western Wyoming) last weekend according to USU Eastern Athletics Policy, and one player was kicked from the team permanently.”
In response to this incident, Paur has issued random drug testing to two players of each team. “There are consequences for drug use. We want to win these games, but the player’s education is more important.” Because the incident was held in residence life, all ten will be subjected to housing policies.