July 22, 2024

Christina Lee: a look at the diversity representative’s beliefs and goals


This archived article was written by: Nathan Pena

Christina Lee the Diversity Representative, a current member of the Eastern Student Association, aims to do more this year.
Over the summer semester Lee thought of applying for ESA, and the result is plain to see. Before applying for the student government, she completed services for the community including the Spring Breakaway where she helped build homes for Native Americans. Now she looks forward to serving others as the diversity representative.
“They said that it would be hard,” Lee says. “But I told them that I am used to this kind of stress. I have taken many exams and have been in committees before I came here so I am used to being very busy.”
This is her first year as a diversity representative and has ideas that she believes will constitute a change in campus. “Just like the other students, I want to make some difference in the campus,” she states. “One of the main jobs of a diversity representative is to be in charge of Global Week, which is a whole week filled with different food, events and anything regarding different cultures of the world. This year I want to do something different, something that previous representatives have never done. I do not want to repeat activities.”
Other than Global Week, she proposed an idea for Halloween, “I want to hold a costume competition about the different clothing of different countries.”
Lee believes that diversity representatives should not focus only on international students. Lee will also focus on local students and stated, “Of course the international students, but also the local students. I need to try and create an environment where everybody is family.”
“I want to try and make more of the international students participate in different activities in the campus,” she said. “It is normal to see different peoples grouped up with their nationalities. I hope they would communicate with different peoples during Global Week.”
Lee is getting along very well in her position as a representative, but believes that it is difficult getting support. “Right now I am working with organizing my crew members so they can help me with the upcoming Global Week.”
Being in the student government is no easy task; much more being a representative to a group of students. “Being Asian, I know what other Asians really need. And being an international student, I have a look into what international students like and what events they would actually join.”
According to Lee, “It does not seem to be difficult. And for those international students, I hope they would tell me their opinions. I expect at least this year that there would be many international students that would participate in many events.”
Lee believes that being a friend is the first step in being a good diversity representative. “During the first week of school, I try to be a friend to everybody. In that way, I hope I can try to be their friend and so that they can rely on me to help them with any problems they might have.”