July 14, 2024

Letter to the Editor

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Students, faculty & staff,
Life throws us curve balls everyday, it is what we do with them that counts.
Many of you have signed a petition supporting your interest of my return to dining services. I am humbled and full of gratitude for your support and love. I truly miss serving the needs of each of you.  I miss your smiles, hugs and words of encouragement.  
The university took the actions they felt were necessary at the time of my termination. Someday I will know and understand why things happened as they did. Today it is not for me to know. I pray to someday understand. Until then I trust and have faith in the plan God has for me.
My advice to you: Students: concentrate on your education, your goals, enjoy this time of your life. 
 Faculty: listen to the needs of the students. Guide them, teach them, help them obtain their educational goals. 
Staff: you are the backbone of the campus. Keep everyone on target for the goals that have been set. Support the students and faculty in their endeavors.  
Everyone needs to work together for the best interest of everyone. No one has a more important job than another. Without staff, there would be no students. Without students there would be no faculty. Without faculty there would be no staff. You all need each other. Support each other. Encourage each other. 
To the “Lunch Bunch” – You will always be my friends. I miss your smiles, your jokes and conversations. Jeff taking care of the ice cream needs. Robyn’s cute giggle. Juanita and Sherrie’s awesome smiles. Tammie, Jan and Karl teasing the bunch. The quiet tenderness of John. Steve and Jessica sharing their healthy lifestyle changes and salads. Evette and Kim sharing stories of student activities. And we can’t forget Greg keeping us all in line.
I want to send out a special thanks for a great crew. They were more than employees, they are my family.  Cyndi has gone above and beyond through these changes. Lenora, Deloy, Gus, Melisa, Crystal T, Candice, Caine and Crystal C, – THANK YOU. To the many unmentioned student employes thank you for suiting up and showing up. Without each one of you the transition would have been more difficult. You all work very hard and are a great team. THANKS!!! I miss each and everyone of you.
I have enjoyed my many years of service. I loved my job. Working and serving each if you was the joy of the job. I wish each of you the best. May you focus on your goals and be successful in your life. And as a good friend would say, “Do good always!”

Becky Petty Archibald