September 29, 2022

Ruediger: from Rio, to Price, Utah


This archived article was written by: Michaella Crooks

The men’s basketball team is starting off preseason with a “lot of running and lifting” according to Marcelo Ruediger. “The running is very hard,” he explained.
Originally from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Ruediger is known for being tall and respectful. His favorite candy is Sour Patch Kids and his favorite drink is orange juice and acai berry juice.
He said that “basketball in America is different than in Brazil because it is less physical and not as fast.” He chose to come to USU Eastern because he has a dream of going on to a Division-1 school and then playing professionally.
He transferred from Monmouch College in West Long Branch, N.J., so that he could fulfill his dream. Ruediger’s not used to living in a small town like Price, he is used to big cities, lots of houses and humidity.
Ruediger said, “[I have] been playing for 6 years now and doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon.” One thing that keeps him going is that he, “loves to travel and loves the game.”
People probably would not mess with Ruediger because the biggest regret that he has is that he “punched his cousin in the face and broke his nose.”
Something that scares him the most is that “something will happen to his family while he is gone.” Ruediger, “thinks that the team will do great this year and has high hopes for the team.”

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