April 18, 2024

Through the eyes of S’Morgan


This archived article was written by: Morgan Verdi

Through the eyes of Smorgan: Who wishes they could be like the cool kids?
I’m a criminal justice major and also run The Eagle, or at least I like to think I do. It’s quite the combination and because of my many different likes and interests I’ve never fit in. I am not and will never be considered one of the “cool kids.” The best part about it is, I’m okay with that but that wasn’t always the case. I used to want to fit in so bad and not even necessarily with the popular kids but with anyone.
Let’s face it we all have our cliques whether we are the athletes or the bookworms. Everyone has their own group of people and most of the time everyone fits in somewhere and then there’s me. I’m the person that is friends with everyone yet I belong nowhere. I used to get upset about it.
I used to cry because I felt like I’d never have a place where I was accepted and where other people liked the things I like. That’s not a fun feeling, it could at times be compared to being stabbed all over your body, but never in a place that will kill you, just the places that will make you suffer.
There were times I was so disappointed in myself because I couldn’t make myself conform to the norms of society, but now none of that matters. College was my new start a place to try and find myself and even though the journey has just begun, I am slowly making progress in finding myself and in that journey I found that I don’t have to fit in. Frankly I don’t want to.
All I can do is be me, the crazy, wild, happy go lucky girl I am. I guess in the end, all you can do is be happy with yourself. I may not fit in anywhere. I may not have any “peeps,” but I know who I am and because of that, I don’t need to follow anyone.
I am a leader. I believe everyone can be a leader, but you have to break free from the sterotypes. You have to know yourself and not let anyone stop you from being the best you can be. Back to the question above. Who wishes they could be like the cool kids? Not us at USU Eastern. We are our own cool kids.