October 2, 2023

Men’s soccer lose to Trinidad Community College


This archived article was written by: Karen Reyna

Learning from their mistakes was the greatest lesson the men’s soccer team achieved after an unexpected loss on Oct. 11.
To some, the game might have not seemed fair. The referees were making questionable calls during most of the second half of the game. Dylan Tapia stated, “They weren’t very precise, they could have done a better job at refereeing.” During the last half of the game the referees didn’t seem to be on the same page when the opposing team scored. One said that it didn’t count while the other said that it did; leaving the score 0-1.
Luis Rico stated, “We played our hearts out and I feel like we almost had it but luck wasn’t on our side and that’s how soccer is.”
Not only were the players upset, but the Golden Eagles in the stands didn’t seem too happy either, as they were chanting and yelling. Mauricio Santana stated, “The refs made a lot of mistakes with fouls, penalty kicks, and poor choice of cards.”
One of USU Eastern’s players got a red card pulled on him for foul language towards one of the referees, but many say that it wasn’t going towards the referee. Berndbe Cortes stated, “A guy from the opposing team stepped on one of our players and he dropped to the ground, but the ref didn’t call anything, so he got mad and swore and the ref thought it was going towards him.”
So far the men’s record is 6-6-2 and they will have their last home game on Thursday, Oct. 16, against a club team from Spanish Fork, the Utah Storm 98, at 5 p.m.
If they come out with a win then they could possibly qualify to go on to regional play. The men have been practicing hard recently to become better as a team and fix mistakes from past games in order to try to beat their opponents.
Jose Cisneros stated, “We have another chance, and like a 75 percent chance that we’ll be able to play in regionals, but it all depends on how the other teams do and how we do on Thursday, so we definitely want to get the win.”

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