April 20, 2024

“John Wick” Movie Review

This archived article was written by: Josie Sue Slade

Keanu Reeves plays a bullet flinging and unbeatable hitman in his latest movie, “John Wick.” Wick (Keanu Reeves) plays a former hitman who gets back into the business after several members of his former gang murder the dog his dead wife had gifted him.
After the death of his puppy, Wick sets out to wreak homicidal vengeance on the man who did the deed, Losef (Alfie Allen) and anyone who gets in his way. Immediately after the crime, still in blood-covered clothing, Wick digs up a hidden chest in his basement and once more immerses himself in a life he had sworn off a long time ago.
“John Wick” is sold to audiences as an A-grade movie, but after leaving the theater, it is obvious to viewers that the time, money and energy put into the film is that worth of a B-grade film.
The movie is violence ridden and its entire focus is not on the characters or even the stories, but on how many people Wick can kil. In one minute, Wick can manage to slaughter ten people with only one pistol and only minor damage to his person.
“John Wick” is the definition of gang clichés and violence. The movie has everything from the use of metal bats, poorly translated Russian, a mobster (Michael Nyqvist) with a disappointing son and even a chop shop that only the right people are aware of despite the fact that it’s in a perfectly visible public spot.
The only redeeming quality of “John Wick” is the use of music to keep the viewer from dozing off in the middle of an action scene. Although the movie could be considered a continuous action scene rather than an entire film.
There are some cringe worthy moments ruined by terrible special effects more like powder than liquid. By the end of the film, viewers are cracking up more than they are engrossed in the story. Instead of a drama, one could even consider “John Wick” as a comedy or parody.
Screenwriter Derek Kolstad, director Chad Stahlski (a former student double for star Reeves) and producer David Leitch are all action genre workers who don’t know enough about true film making to be making a movie worth viewing.
If you would like to see something other than “John Wick” at your night out at the movies, I commend you for containing the intelligence to see that this movie could easily be replaced by a better choice.