July 25, 2024

Some words with Sam Sumeracki from the admission’s office


This archived article was written by: Jennifer Heaton

Recruiting students for Utah State University Eastern is a custom-fit position for Samuel Sumeracki, who loves building relationships and connections with potential students. Sumeracki is from Pueblo, Colo., and attended Colorado State University Pueblo, where he majored in communication and elementary education.
Last year he was hired at USU Eastern for recruitment and advising the elementary education program majors. Last summer he applied for and was appointed as an admission advisor in enrollment services where he “travels like crazy.”
Some of his duties include high school counselor relations, recruitment and guiding students through the admissions process. He also does some creative work where he designs brochures and flyers for USU Eastern.
Sumeracki loves the quote by Rudyard Kipling, “We have 40 million reasons for failure, but not a single excuse.”
If money were no object, Sumeracki said he would be an author. “I love creative writing. I would love to be a creative writing author.” Sumeracki’s only experience with sports is when he, “ran track for two weeks in women’s short shorts for a girl and then gave up. There was too much he saw over those two weeks.”
Sumeracki enjoys his job. “I love working with potential students and helping guide them to success,” he said. Hiking is something he likes to do, “I like hiking at San Isabel in Colorado and though I haven’t done a lot of hiking in Price, I really like Antelope Island. I love it because I get to soak up the sun.”
Being rebellious has never been Sumeracki’s style. He has always played it safe, but if he could do something rebellious it would be “super hardcore parkour.” He added, “if I was 55, I would take up skydiving because then I would be closer to death. Those would be the most adventurous things I will never do.”
One piece of advice Sumeracki would like to share with all college students is, “Take advantage of everything college has to offer, the good times, the friends, soak up all the fun and most importantly educate yourself.”