June 3, 2023

Thanks For The Memories


This archived article was written by: Josie Sue Slade

USU Eastern’s campus hosts foreign exchange students from various countries. They have become integrated into the community and student body that makes up USUE. With countless friends and plenty of memories, their lives are in Price.

The announcement that the students from the Dominican Republic would be moving to Logan’s campus spring semester 2015 was met with sadness and some anger. The move, though sad, is required. The students don’t have all the options they need in Price
This is the first time Dominican Presidential Scholarship Program has been run through USU Eastern. They had a baseline in which they were to follow and no one knew what the outcome would be based on the programs of study straddling two campuses. They were given two years in Price before they were to be moved to Logan. They should have one more semester here, but the rate at which the students are progressing, is much faster than first thought. Instead of one more semester, they are being sent to Logan so that they may continue to progress in their programs of study according to the scholarship program requirements.
Kimberly Pratt, assistant to student life, involvement and leadership, who worked personally with the students said, “The students were given four semesters with us. They progressed at a different rate than expected and now it’s time for them to move to Logan.”
They were given nine semesters to get their degree, eight for fall and spring, and then one summer. Four of these semesters should have been at USUE, but they are being cut one because they are ahead of schedule on getting their degrees. They have progressed at a much faster rate than first expected and now it’s time for them to change to the main Logan campus. The move is sad for all of USUE, but an understanding is needed when it comes to this situation.
Shelly Ortiz, program coordinator in the office of global engagement said, “This program was a learning curve for all of us. We have been so happy and so thrilled with USU Eastern staff. We are appreciative of all USU Eastern has done and all the help given during this time.”
By moving the students up to Logan sooner, it means that less money will be spent on the students. The sooner they graduate, the sooner more students can be introduced to the program. Any money leftover means an education for someone else who needs it.
Students are sad to go, but overall understand why the location change is needed. Jario Arias, one of the Dominican Republic students, said, “Most of us don’t want to go, but we have to for scholarship reasons and more class opportunities. This place was like home.”
Emely Sanchez Baez, another Dominican Republic student, said, “I have had a great experience here in college. I have also made some great friends that will always remain in my mind, because of their good example and kindness, when l first came here. I will miss the friendly people from dining services, and our dear Kimberly Pratt who has helped us go through our college life in America.”
Campus next semester is going to be a little lonelier without them. To say goodbye, ESA is putting on a “Dance for Luck” dance on Dec. 5. Students are invited to come and wish the Dominican Republic students luck on their future endeavors. The dance will be held in the Jennifer Leavitt Student Center Ballroom at nine p.m.

Katie Felice contributed to this story.

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