July 14, 2024

Who’s who? Dr. Who!

This archived article was written by: Sam Czarnecki

Dr. Who! Do you like it? Good. Do you not like it? Too bad. Do you not know what it is? Listen up. A bunch of people who do know what it is, and they like it. So much so that they’ve banded together and formed a club entirely for Dr. Who fans. Now not only can you watch Dr. Who, you can watch it with other people and totally geek-out about it while doing so.
The series is about a guy simply known as The Doctor, formally known as Dr. Who. He wouldn’t be remarkable, except he’s a humanoid alien recognized as a Time Lord from the planet Gallifrey. He travels around in a 1963-style British police box that is also a sentient time-machine known as the TARDIS. He has two hearts and utilizes a “sonic-screwdriver” tool that can dismantle or fix objects using sonic waves.
The series is broadcast by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) and is based loosely in Great Britain. The main plotline revolves around The Doctor and his companions as they travel through space and time, fixing other people’s problems and righting various wrongs done by evil entities.
Another interesting factor is The Doctor’s regeneration cycle. Every time The Doctor is mortally wounded, he reconstructs his body, and gains a new face and personality. All Gallifreans posses this ability. However, this process is limited, and causes temporary amnesia after regeneration in the individual.
This is also an excellent plot device for recasting purposes in every subsequent series, although old Doctors do reappear when the plotline demands it.
Interested? Want to learn more? Talk to Chris Palo, Katrina Wood or Nathan Pena for everything you could ever want to know about Dr. Who. They can sign you up for the club.