September 22, 2021

Chicago native at Eastern


This archived article was written by: Michaella Crooks

Chicago native Royale Ewing is adjusting to college and playing basketball at USU Eastern. His phobia is not like everyone else’s, he is most scared of, “sleep paralysis. It’s when you go to sleep and when you are about to come out of your sleep, you wake up paralyzed.” One of the things that got on his parent’s nerves was, “sneaking out of the house.”
Ewing has a total of eight tattoos and the one that hurt the most was, “on my chest, it just hurt so bad that I couldn’t finish it. When I go home, I am going to get it touched up and finished.” A hobby of his is drawing, and he plans on “covering up the chest tattoo with one that I drew of a fallen angel.”
The worst date that Ewing has ever been on was when, “I went to the movies, I had the flu that day and I threw up in front of my date. After that, I never talked to her.”
Ewing chose to come to USUE because he, “thought that it would give me a chance to get away from my family, try to see different things and focus on basketball.” One word that describes him is “humble.”
Ewing started playing when he, “was in the third grade. My older brothers always played and I would watch them play at the park all the time. I just started to play and basically taught myself how to play basketball.” He gets his motivation from family and he hopes to “play in the NBA for either the Bulls or the Knicks.”
Ewing’s favorite actor is Eddie Murphy. Being away from home was kind of hard for him at first, but it got better.
Ewing’s favorite things about basketball is “playing with my team.” His favorite memory so far at USUe was, “when we played Wyoming Central. It was a close game, but we stuck together and got the win.”
The worst injury he has ever had was when he “broke [his] wrist playing with my brother in the backyard and we ended up getting into an argument. He swung at me but I put my hand out and my wrist was already sprained so it broke. I laid on the ground for three hours until my mom got home.”
The first thing he would do if he won the lottery is, “buy my parents a new house.”
Ewing’s favorite movie is “Coming to America” with Eddie Murphy. His most prized possession is “my shoes, my favorite pair are my LeBron’s.”
If he could have any super power he would choose to “read minds.” If playing in the NBA doesn’t work, he, “may try to become a lawyer.” His favorite thing about this year’s team is, “there are a lot of different characters on the team and a lot of funny people, it’s a good mixture.” Ewing says that the season so far “has gone pretty well. We are still trying to figure each other out as teammates, but by the end of the season, we will be one of the top teams in the country.”

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