February 24, 2024

The arguement between Xbox and Playstation


This archived article was written by: Sam Czarnecki

Today, I advocate for Microsoft’s line of gaming consoles known as the X-Box, and how it is superior over Sony’s line, PlayStations, in general.
In the pricing department, I’ll consider the newest devices, the X-Box One and PlayStation Four, since they’re the only corporate-relevant consoles for the time being. My sources, Target, Amazon and the console’s respective sites show that the PlayStation costs $399, and a difference of around $10 less used. Those same sources priced different editions of the X-Box at $399 and $499, and downward of $299 used. The collectible X-Box line, as well as those offering Kinect, are obviously going to be more expensive, but the wider price range of the console gives consumers more options in what they want gaming-wise.
Let’s take a quick look at controllers based on general button layouts. Both controllers feature four shoulder buttons, two right and two left, two joysticks, two menu buttons, one directional pad (or d-pad, which does the same thing as the joysticks), and four action buttons in a diamond formation on the right side.
The X-Box controller’s frame is more on the bulky side, places the left joystick over the d-pad, has two extra buttons (one black and one white), and uses letters to distinguish the action buttons. PlayStation’s controller is relatively small compared to other controllers, places the d-pad over the left joystick, has a “PlayStation” button in the middle, and uses shapes to distinguish the action buttons. The problem with that last part, the shapes on the action buttons, is that it’s more difficult for people who don’t play PlayStation to get accustomed to the control scheme. If Sony had chosen to go with one of the letter-based concepts, going back and forth between consoles would have been much easier on people.
We can’t discuss gaming consoles without bringing up games. I’ll make this quick, since looking games up is easy. PlayStation has the “LittleBigPlanet” games, a quirky series that puts emphasis on gameplay and puzzle-platforming, and “Okami,” a beautifully animated story-driven open-world game based on a mishmash of Japanese mythology.
X-Box, however, has both “Portals,” puzzle games wherein the goal is to make it to the exit of each room by using a portal device to teleport between two points, and the Batman games, which are self-explanatory and action-packed. Also, Sony lost “Okami” to Nintendo, who then released an exclusive sequel for the DS, which is a serious loss for PlayStation. This has been my argument for X-Box. Thank you.