September 22, 2021

Cole Davis: going for the goal


This archived article was written by: Kyndall Gardner

Cole Davis is a freshmen soccer player at Utah State University Eastern. He was born in Price, Utah, then was raised in South Jordan, Utah. Davis’s family consists of, “two younger brothers and a younger sister. Along with my mother and father.”
His favorite color is blue, favorite type of food is, “hamburgers” and his favorite drink is, “blue Gatorade.” Davis’s favorite animal is, “a dog. More specifically a boxer.” The favorite quality about himself is, “I have a man bun and it’s pretty awesome.”
After attending USU Eastern, Davis’s goals consist of, “I plan on coaching soccer either here or possibly at the high school level to start.”
Davis’s biggest fear in life is, “death,” but he plans on living a long and prosperous life.
One of the most embarrassing and worst dates Davis has ever been on was when, “[he] was hanging out with this girl… we went out on a hike. We made our way back to my house and I quickly went upstairs. When I returned there was my friend and my date sitting on my couch making out.”
Davis’s idea of a perfect date would be to, “start it off with going on a hike up to a lake. Then having a picnic on the lake and then come down and end the day with a soccer game.”
If Davis only had 24 hours left, he would spend his time, “skydiving then traveling to Europe to watch soccer games.”
Like many, Davis has had embarrassing moments in his life. “Once when I was 8, I was with my family at our family reunion. A car went flying down the road. I don’t know why, but I picked up a rock throwing it as hard as I could at the car. I ended up cracking the windshield of the car”.
One thing that pushes Davis’ buttons is, “hypocrites. They make me mad. You should believe in what you say.” After playing soccer for many years, he says his most victorious moment in soccer, “was when I helped my club team win the state championship. We broke the record of least amount of goals allowed in the tournament ever, my U-17 year.”
If he could live anywhere in the world, it would be, “England, because of the soccer”.
When Davis was younger he had a way of making his parents mad by, “never wearing a shirt. My mom would threaten to not feed me dinner until I would put on a shirt.”
Some of Davis’s hidden talents include, “I am good at snowmobiling and snowboarding.” He enjoys being out on the snow in the winter. If Davis could change one thing about this season it would be, “I would have prepared more over the summer and been diligent with the workouts.” He plans on coming back to USU Eastern, ready as ever for next year.
Davis’s favorite memories with his team are, “probably all of our bus rides. We played a lot of games like “What Are the Odds”, and playing pranks on each other. It was always a lot of fun.” He always enjoyed traveling with his team.
As the soccer team kicks off its spring season, training for their next fall season, he expects nothing less than, “to win the national title, obviously.” He has high hopes for his team next season. One thing Davis admires about his team is, “how hard everyone works.”
The men’s soccer team is now preparing for their spring season. “We have two-A-day conditioning and weights every weekday through the spring, along with five scrimmage matches.” The mens soccer team is back in the gym working hard, getting ready to prove they are one of the best.

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