July 22, 2024

USU Eastern recognized for online education

This archived article was written by: Josie Sue Slade

For many students, online education has become more popular and with it, the demand has risen. USU Eastern is in the unique place to provide the demand while also giving a university-education experience.
This has made Utah State one of the best online universities while also gaining high marks with U.S. News and World Report’s annual ranking of online programs.
A recent USU Eastern press release stated that the school’s online program was recognized as the 13th ranked online bachelor’s degree and graduate education program in the country. With so many online programs in the country, this is an achievement that puts USUE one step closer to being the premier online education in the state.
Greg Dart, vice chancellor over enrollment management, said, “Anytime you are in a rural area, you have a hard time bringing in education programs for students. USUE uses distance and online education as a way to bring better opportunities to our students.”
USUE offers 43 associate, 21 bachelor’s and 19 graduate programs. Thirteen of these programs are only offered through online education. Dart said, “Without online and distance education, USU Eastern could not offer so many programs.
“Another great thing about this is that students can tailor the program to their own needs. Whether they need online or face-to-face education, USUE offers a much wider range of options for students. These options create a more diverse student body.”
USUE offers classes that are face-to-face, distance education or through online education. Students have an option to cater their education to their schedule and needs. This is not an option for most rural schools.
“USU Eastern is especially unique in the online aspect because face-to-face assistance is provided to all students. You can still come into an office and talk to an advisor. Most online programs don’t provide this to students.
USU Eastern provides online education with personality,” Dart said.
Students at USUE are especially lucky because many have the option to remain at USUE for their entire education. If students were to attend Snow College, another two-year school located in Utah, the students would need to transfer after two years. The only four-year degree offered at Snow is commercial music.
USUE has made great strides in offering the best education possible for students and this would not have been possible with the online and distance education provided. USUE’s ranking is great news for both the students and the faculty and staff.