July 14, 2024

Annual Eastern Student Association Elections


This archived article was written by: Jared Jones

My name is Jared Jones. I was born in Kansas and lived in South Dakota, California and Utah after my dad retired. When I was 20, I went on a mission for The Church of Latter-day Saints. When I got back I decided to come to Price for school and have been a student at USU Eastern three years and have seen the good days and the not so good days of student life. I want to make the campus more student friendly. To make this happen, I would like to see the Student Center become more for the students by playing music or having a radio station run during the day and by finding a place for administration in a building more conductive to their likes and needs. The BDAC needs equipment replaced that is worn and broken. The Campus Store needs to be part of the library with possibility some sort of snack shop added for students so they don’t have to leave to get food when they study. I would like to see Reeve’s Building either extend the computer lab hours or moving it into a place more centrally located, perhaps the library. To accommodate these ideas, expanding the library would make sense to have all in one place.