July 14, 2024

Like father, like daughter


This archived article was written by: Michaella Crooks

It’s a family tradition to play sports at USU Eastern, formerly the College of Eastern Utah, with Jasmine Covington following in her father’s footsteps of playing in the BDAC.
Covington hails from Phoenix, Ari., to play for the volleyball team. Covington is six-feet tall and comes from a family of athletes that have attended Eastern: her father attended in 1990 as a men’s basketball player and her mother played basketball in high school. Both of her parents used to play basketball and she used to play, but decided to focus on one sport. Her 5 year old brother plans on attending Eastern to keep the family tradition going.
After college, Covington plans on moving to Atlanta, Ga., to record music with NNTME records.
The craziest thing that she has done is when she rented a U-Haul truck and moved all the furniture from her house and stored it in the truck. “My mom thought that my family had been robbed, so right before she called the police I told her that it was a prank.”
The most embarrassing thing Covington has been through was in sixth grade. “I had to fart, so I let it out and it was not a quiet one, and the whole class laughed at me.”
She got to meet Tatiana Ali who played Ashley Banks on “The Fresh Prince of Bel Air.” She was in a movie with her mother called “A Warm Place” when she was 6. Some other hobbies of hers are singing, playing guitar and piano and doing hair.
Something you don’t know about her is that she tried out for “The Voice” and made it into the second round of off-the-air auditions. Covington is most scared of becoming overweight, getting old and birds. “I would rather swim in a tank of sharks than be in a room with two birds.” She is bad at procrastinating and biting her nails.
Covington has been playing volleyball since the seventh grade. She played at Glover Middle School in Spoken, Wash., then at Boise High in Idaho and North High in Arizona.
For someone who wants to play college volleyball, Covington’s advice is to, “make sure that you don’t get caught doing anything stupid that would ruin your chances of playing.”
What motivates her to keep playing is her drive to further her education while playing the sport she loves.
Her most prized possessions are her clothes and pink scooter she bought because her other one was stolen on campus. If she won the lottery, she would buy a lot of shoes, clothes and hair stuff, and buy her mom a nice house.
Something she used to do that got on her parent’s nerves was scare her mom. “I would hide in places for up to 30 minutes just so I could scare her.” A hero in Covington’s life is Beyoncé because in Convington’s eyes, she’s the queen.
If Covington could pick a super power, she would be a shape shifter so she could change who she was or what she was every day. One of the saddest things Covington ever encountered was when she was little, her dog, a baby husky named Shuko, was stolen from her backyard.
Her favorite quote is, “You catch a lot of flies with honey, but you will catch more honeys by being fly.”