February 29, 2024

The key to riches: faith


This archived article was written by: Jesse Malan

Desire is our first step to obtaining our wishes and dreams. What we desire consciously influences our sub-conscious mind. In return, our sub-conscious mind consistently influences us. If we influence our sub-conscious mind in acquiring our goal, then we will acquire it much faster than if not. This article will expound on how to speed up this training and bring about lasting results.
To embed our desire into our hearts, to put it into the process of making it a reality, you will need Faith. Some may argue and ask how faith can help reach their goal. Let me explain.
First off, what is faith? Faith is your planning, your idea, your thought. But, this is not all, faith is a mixture of belief and emotion. This is so important for anyone to know if they are to train their mind with speedy results.
If making $100,000 gets you excited, you must keep that excitement. Picture in your mind that money (if something other than money is most desired, picture that in your mind instead). Do not allow doubts to sway you away from what you most want. (In a later article I will teach you how to meet and overcome your doubts).
The next step is to devise a plan to obtain that goal. If you are struggling with finding a way to obtain your goal, don’t sweat it. As you train your mind and study successes of others, your mind will devise a plan with which you can obtain your dream. Focus only on those who have gained their desires by good and honest work. Also, give yourself a date whereby you will have accomplished reaching your dream. There are many good reasons for this. (Note: This does NOT have to be hard work.)
Verbally tell yourself that you can obtain your goal. Doing so causes what you say to greatly impact your sub-conscious mind. Stating aloud your thought with faith, that emotion which so impresses the mind, an emotion that even you sincerely believe, will impact your mind tenfold of what a thought alone could do.
This formula is to be repeated every morning and night. Doing so throughout your day will also help speed up the training.
Think of when someone you trust gives you a compliment, say they notice your attractive smile. When said in the light of true praise you feel good and you generally accept the compliment with gratitude. You truly believe what that individual said about you. Your sub-conscious mind will learn from that experience and remind you throughout your day that you have an attractive smile. Whenever you see that kind someone, you will be reminded to smile around them because your conscious and sub-conscious mind accepted the compliment.
Now turn the table. Say someone said that same compliment, but they did so in a joking manner or even without emotion. How would you feel? Would you believe it? Probably not, or if you did, perhaps not as readily as you would in the above situation. Why? Because there was no sincere emotion in the words. The thought was there, the words were said, but they were weak, almost powerless. They did not convey the message to you and your sub-conscious mind that those words were true. They held no real bearing.
Training your sub-conscious mind is the same way! You must think of your desire. You must see yourself obtaining it. You must state aloud your plan in which you will execute and obtain your dream and also the date with which you will obtain it. You must state all of this at least every morning when you get up and every night before bedtime with real, sincere emotion. This is how you train your sub-conscious mind. This is the beginning to making a reality of your dream.