December 8, 2022

Persistence turns dreams into realities

This archived article was written by: Jesse Malan

Our dreams are everything to us. They are what make us who we are. They are our motivation, our driving forces within us. They are our “pick-me-ups” in life’s blues. Most importantly, they are our underlying reasons to what we think, say and do. That being said, opposition will confront us and either stop us or hinder us from obtaining our dreams. There are things anyone can do to help overcome these road blocks, such as planning, training our minds and seeking help. This article’s purpose is to help readers overcome doubts and fears that damn or hinder progression.
First, I want you to think of your greatest fears that keep you from obtaining your dreams. Is peer pressure stopping you? Do you fear what your friends or family will think of you for trying something different? Do you fear that you won’t have enough money? Or is the fear of failure the main concern? If it is uncomfortable thinking about this I do not apologize. This step is a critical step to take in planning. Addressing your fears and planning how to overcome them allows you to smartly be persistent. This is a power few possess.
The second issue to note is, to know that you cannot plan and be prepared for everything life throws at you. How will you prepare for the wild and outrageous setbacks? That is where training your mind comes in.
In my two previous articles were the teachings of how to train your mind and how to train your mind more solidly. Just a refresher: the mind is the birthing place for our dreams and those plans that aid us in obtaining our dreams. What we focus on in our thoughts is what we will attract to us in reality. So, when a problem comes up, do NOT focus on it. That doesn’t mean ignore it; it means to focus on how to overcome it. As you train your mind to become unconquerable, your mind gives you the necessary ideas to help win your battles.
Third, be optimistic. Thomas A. Edison was struggling to invent the light bulb. He tried and successfully failed 10,000 times. That is literally 10,000 times. When tempted by a colleague to quit his endeavors, Edison replied, “I have not failed, I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” His being optimistic has blessed the lives of billions, not to mention aiding him in obtaining his fortune. In training your mind, train it to become optimistic, see how helpful it will be.
Last, but definitely not least, when life beats you up in your endeavor to obtain your dream, seek help from a valuable, trustworthy source. Every president of the United States has a cabinet of people to consult on different affairs. Why not make your own “cabinet” of friends who are willing to help you? They will be a great asset to you and you to them. They will give you sympathy which will be a great help on your mental facilities. Some may even share empathy with you, which will show to be a greater help in many ways. Often times, those who have gone through similar situations will have wisdom to share with you. We’re talking free ideas full of wealth from experience.
To become a persistent person, you must first make a plan to reach your goal and plan what to do with the road blocks that you can imagine. Then you must be actively determined to obtain your goal; training your mind is a great plan to aid in this. Being optimistic is gravely important too because it is healthy and thought promoting. Being optimistic helps to inspire new plans when the road blocks hinder the way of your old plans. Lastly, everyone needs help from some source in their undertakings. These keys of knowledge, put to use, aids in helping anyone be persistent in their endeavors.
Never give up on a good thought. Be persistent and turn your dreams into a reality. Remember, thoughts are useless unless turned into reality. Your thoughts are you. When those thoughts are put into action, you become a useful and incredible person.

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