July 25, 2024

Burrows: two sport athlete


This archived article was written by: Kyndall Gardner

Playing two sports for USU Eastern is very time consuming, as Mckenzie Burrows can attest. She is never off the court. Born and raised in West Haven, Utah, she lives in Price playing basketball and volleyball for the Eagles as a freshmen. She has four siblings; two brothers and two sisters, and two outstanding parents. Her favorite color is blue, and she enjoys chips and salsa. She would never say no to a glass of strawberry lemonade.
Burrows’ states her best quality is that she has a really good work ethic and knows that she’s going to have to work hard to get the things that she wants.
Burrows’ favorite thing about herself would be her hair. Burrows plans on getting a nursing degree and getting a job as a part-time nurse, along with coaching basketball at a high school level. She does not shy away from looks or going after what she wants.
One thing that scares Burrows’ most is raising her children and worrying that she might mess up. One of the most dreadful dates for Burrows was when a boy asked her to a dance over text message. “I ended up driving my car the whole day and had to drive the other couples as well. We ended up rock climbing for our date… but only climbed the cliff once. Then my date decided that he was done and wanted to go home.
“The boys then made us the most disgusting pancakes that ended up being a greenish color. I then went home and put on my formal dress and we headed off to the dance. Once we arrived, I looked around and noticed that it was an Ugly Sweater dance. Then my date stood in the corner the whole time and wouldn’t dance with me or talk to any of the other couples.”
Burrows’ dream date would include going horseback riding in the mountains and being able to see the sunrise.
If Burrows only had 24 hours left on Earth she would spend it with family. “I am super attached to them and we are all really close”.
Burrows’ most embarrassing moment was in ninth grade gym class while playing flag football. “A boy in my class went to go pull my flag and pulled my pants down with it. My whole class watched my pants come off.”
One of Burrows’ most victorious sports moments was winning the state championship in basketball, then getting to play in Madison Square Garden. If Burrows could live anywhere in the world she would choose Utah. “It’s sheltered. I love living somewhere where we have four seasons.”
Burrow’s greatest hero in life is her high school basketball coach. She really cared about her players as people rather than just a simple athlete. She was always pushing me to be better.”
Being energetic was normal for Burrows at a young age. “I would play soccer in the house every day and my parents would make me go outside. One day my parents left the house and reminded me that I wasn’t allowed to play inside.
“With my friend over and my parents gone, we started kicking the ball all over the house. My friend kicked that ball so hard that it bounced off the wall, hitting our fireplace, shattering the glass cover. My parents were not very happy with me after that.” Some of Burrows’ hidden talents includes sewing and embroidery.
Playing a double sport isn’t anything new for Burrows. Constantly devoting time to the court, whether for volleyball or basketball, she never gets tired of it.
Burrows’ favorite memories for volleyball are when they stayed in hotels. “We would just sleep in each other’s rooms and have such a great time.”
For basketball, her favorite memory was beating CSI and watching their coach make them run on The Eagles’ home court until they were sick.
Burrows is looking forward to another year of devoting her time to playing volleyball and basketball.