July 13, 2024

To graduate or not to graduate


This archived article was written by: Christopher Palo

That is the question; twether tis’ nobler in the mind to graduate and move on, or to stay, to stay another year in the safety and security of a place you already know.
This is my debacle. Do I graduate and move up to Logan and finish my degree, or do I stay another year and knock out the last few classes that USU Eastern has to offer?
Upon reflection of my choices, I have chosen to stay another year. There are many factors that led me to this decision such as finance, friendships and comfort.
Financially, USU Eastern is the obvious choice for classes, with tuition almost half of that of Logan. Professor attention to tuition rates, USU Eastern blows Logan out of the water.
Which brings me my next point;
in my math 1050 class, there is about 30 students. The same class in Logan has somewhere around 400 students. Imagine trying to get one-on-one help from your professor when you are one of 400 students. There is no personal connections with your professors, at least not like that at the smaller school in which we attend.
There are many good reasons to transfer but there are more, in my opinion, to stay and get more out of your college education and dollar. For many of the students at USU Eastern, this is their first time away from home and it’s full of good and bad memories. But these memories will make a person want to stay.
That’s not to say that transferring isn’t a good idea. If you have the required credits and GPA then by all means, if that’s what you want, transfer. But if you still have classes you can take at USU Eastern, then take then here for half the cost. Remember your credits transfer.
If you’re on the fence about transferring look at the life around you, like I did. Look at your situation, look at your financial status and look at what you really want. If all points lead to Logan, then go. But I will be staying one more year, it just makes sense all around.
I have attended other universities: the University of Hawaii, the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, Pikes Peak Community College and the College of Southern Nevada, and I have to tell you no facility has ever been so willing to help and so willing to make sure the student doesn’t just get the grade but they toil and strive to make sure the student truly understands the concepts that they are trying to teach. They take actual care with the student, often staying late and missing time with family to make sure that the student has all the tools and resources needed to be successful.
In summation, look inside yourself see what you truly want. If you have everything you need to leave and you want to leave, then leave and go to the four year university. But if you don’t feel ready, then stay and remember just because you are at a USU Eastern doesn’t mean that you are stuck in a rut. You are still making headway on your degree, you are just doing it easier and cheaper than those would go to Logan as fast as possible.