April 20, 2024

Woodpecker causes havoc at Aaron Jones


This archived article was written by: Mashaela Farris

The occupants of Aaron Jones housing have been waking up to a woodpecker drilling a hole into the side of the building this semester.
Courtney Honeycutt and Alisa Lopez are roommates that share the room that the woodpecker has been drilling a hole into.
“[Honeycutt] She was in our room all alone and it started pecking, so she called me in and said ‘There’s something living in our wall!’” Lopez said.
At first, the roommates considered whether or not it was a ghost. They then thought someone from the second floor was banging on the walls. They did some investigating and learned that almost the entire section of their building could hear the banging.
Eventually they figured out it was a woodpecker drilling a hole into the side of the building. The RA’s of Aaron Jones dealt with the situation by boarding the hole up so the woodpecker would leave, and it worked.
“Every morning at 7 a.m. it would bang on the wall and wake us up. So we started banging back to get it to leave,” Lopez said. The bird was bothering the occupants of Aaron Jones for a week, but ever since they patched it up the woodpecker has not returned.