July 13, 2024

Code Blue on campus; three assaults in residential life


This archived article was written by: Nathaniel Woodward

On Friday evening, Sept. 4, students, staff and faculty were alerted to a Code Blue emergency alert which read “there has been a reported assault on USU Eastern’s Price Campus, and Campus Police have determined there may be an ongoing concern or other potential victims may exist.”  
While USU Eastern authorities and law enforcement are taking every precaution to assure student and public safety (including increased patrols), please adhere to the following tips: do not take any alcohol or other drugs that are given to you. Do not enter the apartment or dorm room of anyone you do not know. Employ the buddy system, or spend time in groups. If you are drinking anything (alcohol or otherwise) keep it in you sight at all times. Any emergencies should be reported immediately by dialing 911. Non-emergency reports can be made by calling Dispatch at 435-637-0890. Anyone who wants to meet with college counselor, Darrin Brant, he will be available in the Jennifer Leavitt Student Center room 223.”
As of Tuesday night, campus police had not returned any emails requesting additional information. However, Vice Chancellor of Enrollment Management and Student Affairs, Greg Dart, quickly replied to The Eagle’s inquiry with the following:
About the incident: “On Friday, the Utah State University Eastern campus received a report of a sexual assault. Based on the nature of the reported incident and the ongoing nature of the investigation, no details are being released at this time. 
USU Eastern’s top concern is student safety. The purpose of the Code Blue notification is to ensure all information that might be important to student safety is being disseminated. Printing that notice verbatim would be a service to the students.
You asked specifically about the nature, location and perpetrator of the offense. I would refer to answer #1. While the Police Department and the University may release details following the conclusion of the investigation, no further details are available at this time.”
Dart continued “Lastly, please note that student safety is, and continues to be, our number one concern. While a review of USU Eastern’s Annual Report of Crime Statistics shows that this is a safe campus, college campuses in general and any campus in particular present a challenge for keeping students safe. Any crime reported on campus or to campus police is investigated fully and campus police investigate them swiftly.” 
Reports from the student body indicate that three incidents occurred in A.J., Sessions and Tucker residence halls involving multiple students. As the investigation is on-going, The Eagle will continue to update the story as more information becomes available. Please visit our website www.usueagle.com for updates.