July 14, 2024

Eastern Utah Student Association gets ‘15-’16 school year off to a great start

This archived article was written by: Rachel Prows

With many freshmen starting on the Eastern Utah Student Association counsel this year, there is high hopes for improvement in student satisfaction for the activities and involvement. Many officers are taking a fresh start to their responsibilities and making changes to how things are done by becoming involved with the students and faculty.
Returning student body president, Ben Bjarnson, is working toward improving student life and involvement by taking initiatives as increasing suicide awareness and resources available to the students, like three-free visits to the counseling center. “I would really like the students to have somewhere on campus that they actually enjoy being, rather than staying in their dorm room all the time.”
Bjarnson said. Another thing that is being pushed is creating more student hangout spots in the student center as well as around campus. Bjarnson is also working closely with the student body presidents of other universities in the state to create awareness of mental health in students.
The EUSA Mission statement states “As EUSA, it’s our mission to embody and promote school pride by creating community among students through: services, events, athletics & clubs.” Students can help EUSA by attending events.
Abby McBride, clubs representative, is doing all she can to spike club involvement this year. Being a freshman, McBride isn’t as familiar with the clubs and is having to start some of the clubs from scratch. “I am so excited to see what this year has in store. This year we’re going to have a huge peak in club involvement. I want everyone to know that all students should take advantage of the clubs by participating or creating more clubs. It will make school more enjoyable spending time doing the things you love with people you love.”   
Already showing improvement, the number of people that attended the “Hello my Name is Dance” was approximately 200 last year and 300 this year, EUSA is hopeful that the amount of students that show up to activities increases. With activities such as magicians, luaus, True Eagle, and many more being held almost weekly, there are many opportunities for students to come, get involved, win prizes and make new friends.