December 8, 2023

Geary Theater closed for repairs


This archived article was written by: Daniel Pike

After the Central Instructional Building was completed in July, troubling news was brought to Vice Chancellor Eric Mantz at the Business Services Department. The Geary Theater, built in 1960, is in need of renovations and repair before it can continue to be used.
According to Mantz, the old theater has, “some substandard wiring issues that need to be tackled, as well as some overall life-safety upgrades.”
The Business Services Department, which is responsible for renovations and repairs, estimates that the college will spend approximately $1.5 million from capitol improvement funds on this project within the next year, and up to $1.8 million before the building can be used again. Theatergoers and drama buffs alike can expect to be back in the seats and on stage in no longer than two years.
To ensure that the building is safe to use, Mantz said some of the most important safety features need to be updated. “First, the roof and walls need to undergo seismic stabilization and upgrades. We need to fix all the electrical and fire alarm systems, as well as finish the lobby upgrade.”
The Business Services Department has the safety of students, staff, and patrons in mind. Mantz says, “It’s a big project, and it’s going to take a lot of work. We want it to be safe and look good once it’s finished.”