April 20, 2024

Setting the record straight


This archived article was written by: Nathaniel Woodward

It has been said that the written word is sacred, which means as you read, you become indoctrinated into the cult of the imagination. My imagination is the wellspring, but you interpret what those words mean, which makes us coconspirators in the endeavor. Whether you subscribe fully to the cult is entirely your decision. How much influence you give to what you read determines everything from your politics, philosophy, faith or any number of things. In a generation ruled by the Internet meme, it’s increasingly painful to watch as countless individuals post on social media one or two-lined quips in which they take pride. The epitome of hyperbole, as it was.
To a single person the statements they share win a thousand imaginary arguments in their mind. So, reason dictates that this article series must be written. I intend to establish a new cult of thought through the sacred written word. One where evidence and reason set the standard, where opinions must be disregarded. Of course there will be arguments, groans and the occasional angry email, of which by this time I am well acquainted.
Having already written a series based on the scientific principle of evolution and the successes of women in science, I am no stranger to your outrage as well as your praise, so know this now reader, I write this for you and in spite of you. For every angry comment, I will respond with evidence; for any error on my behalf, I will gladly correct. I am obliged to change my views when presented with new evidence.
As I write and you read, I ask that you do not take my points and evidences at face value, don’t treat me as your Facebook memes, instead rather, test me. Take me to the yard on every single point I raise, open a book, spend more than five minutes on a credible site on the Internet and call me out on my mistakes, if there be any. But I promise you this reader, I will not write my opinion without stating it as exactly that, if what you read angers or upsets you, it is on you to resolve, but with reason and evidence. So what precisely do I have in store for the following six articles? I will discuss the hot topics of science currently befuddling the populous of our country including; GMOS, climate change, designer babies, nuclear power, the age of the Earth and antibiotic resistance.
I write this in the hope you take what I am about to present to you as it is intended, as an appeal to reason, so please, before turning away, let the cult of the imagination sink its wondrous hooks into your mind, the journey will be both enlightening as well as informative. Above all, take my quips with a grain of salt, I have the pretensions of being funny. A great deal of work, planning and passion has gone into writing this series and it is done with the hope that in the end, our new cult of the imagination sets a new standard in how we view our fascinating universe. This is setting the record straight.