July 23, 2024

The walking foot in your mouth


This archived article was written by: David Rawle

Did the Simpsons actually predict the future? Back in the year 2000, the TV show The Simpsons aired the episode, “Bart to the Future” where Bart looks into the future to see that his sister Lisa is elected president of the United States after Donald Trump, who has left country in bankruptcy. It seems impossible that this comedy-based TV show could actually achieve this feat. The sad reality of the situation remains; they may have been right. Looking at the past 20 years of companies that Trump has been in charge of, four of them have declared bankruptcy.
Now a lot of people claim that he’s the only person that can save the U.S. economy, but you need to remember a prediction he made earlier in his political career. On Sept. 2, 2011, Trump predicted a nine percent unemployment rate in 2012, and that Obamacare (or the Affordable Care Act) was guaranteed to make that number grow. According to an article in the Washington Post from August 17, unemployment is down to 5.3%, and Obamacare has been signed into effect since March 2011.
Trump is following an action that the Republican Party has been in support of for a long time. That is immigration reform, but Trump is taking a new twist to it. Instead of reforming the immigration policy in any way, he proposed to deport over 11 million undocumented immigrants, even going as far as removing the citizenship of their children who were born on American soil, which goes directly against the 14th amendment which simply says U.S. citizenship is automatically given to anyone born on U.S. soil (or in jurisdiction of the U.S.). This includes the U.S. territories of countries like Puerto Rico, which Trump has also voiced his plans to revoke all citizenship of all Puerto Ricans.
This is the real Trump. He’s getting most of his support from the youth of this country. Who knows why, maybe they find him comedic, or a change of pace, but before we go to vote, we have to think about what he is actually saying. He’s in support of challenging constitutional law, only takes care of No. one when it comes to financing, and tends to contradict himself in every speech he gives. So ask yourself this one last question, do we want this man running and representing our country?