July 14, 2024

Caretaker of books


This archived article was written by: Casey Warren

USU Eastern’s library staff is complete with the hiring of Kathie Armitstead last spring. She is the last piece of the puzzle that included a major remodeling job of the facility and bringing the staff to four full-time employees. Armitstead said, “I am the library’s acquisitions and technical services manager. I purchase the collection items, such as books and DVDs.” Her job helps campus stay stocked on needed items, which is great news for students.

Armitstead chose this career because she “[wants] to be a part of education, and [loves] libraries.” She noted, “It stems from a love of reading and learning. During junior high and high school, I always seemed to end up in the library. I even made weekly trips to the city library during the summers. The atmosphere in a library is special, with all of the books and other resources. I always feel a sense of endless possibilities.”

Many students spend time at the campus library studying for exams and doing homework. The time students spend studying helps earn better grades so they can get into the major program they desire. For those who don’t have a declared major, Armitstead advises, “Take a wide variety of introduction classes, even if you are simply curious about a certain subject. Just one class can influence you towards or against a field of study.”

When reflecting on her own college experience Armitstead said, “I had thought about becoming a paralegal for a little while, until I took an introduction to criminal justice class. It was interesting, but also made me realize my calling was elsewhere.”
She said she is most proud of, “Earning [her] bachelor’s degree. [She] worked hard to get that diploma and it has opened many doors for [her].”

A fitting question Armitstead was asked is has she ever read a book that changed her life? She replied, “This is the hardest question. I think that every book you read changes you in one-way or another. The one that comes to mind is “Night” by Elie Wiesel. He is a Holocaust survivor and this book tells his story of the concentration camps. His brutal honesty about what things went on in the camps changed how I looked back on the Holocaust.”

The most satisfying part of her day is, “[Sitting] down with dinner and a book after a day at work.” As important as it is to head to the library to study and work hard for our grades, it is also important to take time for ourselves doing something we enjoy. Armitstead is an important part of our campus, be sure to go enjoy all her hard work at our campus library.