July 21, 2024

Shelly Heath joins nursing staff department


This archived article was written by: Casey Warren

The certified nursing program is one of the largest programs offered at USU Eastern and to maintain that standing, USU Eastern hired Shelley Heath. She is the professional practice instructor as well as the program coordinator and is from Price.
Heath earned a bachelor’s of science in nursing from Western Governor’s University. She brings an understanding of the nursing field and enthusiasm to the CNA program.
Talking about high school, Heath shares, “I wanted to be a nurse by my senior year. Mrs. Ghiradeli was the nurse who taught the health occupations class when I was in high school. She was a big influence. I wanted to do something to help people.”
Heath was convinced her family actually found her decision odd because of her childhood. “I was afraid of anyone who was sick or injured as a child. I would literally scream/cry or runaway just seeing someone on crutches in a store. I also ran out of a doctor’s office when I was about five because I was terrified about getting vaccines prior to kindergarten.”
Heath began her nursing education at the College of Eastern Utah. One of the reasons she decided to come back as an instructor was to, “give back and share my years of nursing experience with others.”
About her own experience Heath says, “I was trained by some of the best nursing instructors at CEU. I will never forget Diana Baker. She was the only nursing instructor that could bring you to tears, yet make you feel so proud of what you accomplished. Donna Cartwright was also an amazing nursing instructor. She was incredibly knowledgeable.”
As an instructor, Heath is able to influence the lives of her students and advise them as they earn their degrees. “I love to care for others. It is very rewarding to see others heal, succeed or gain knowledge and know I may have influenced them in a positive way, even if it was small.”
As the CNA program coordinator, Heath is able to help students succeed in their dream. Nursing students have a large advantage at hand with their instructors and program coordinators. With multiple new nursing faculty members this year, great knowledge is being shared and students are given many opportunities for growth and progress.
It almost seems like Heath is perfect, but she divulged that she was a little rebellious in junior high. “I hate to admit this, but I did hold a bag of nails for a friend in junior high while she placed them under a teacher’s car tires. Yes, the principal did catch us. It was terrifying.”