April 15, 2024

Lamont Walker: a leader both on and off the court


This archived article was written by: Jada Clark

Lamont Walker is a sophomore from Chicago, twenty years old and the starting shooting guard for Utah State University Eastern.
“Leader” is one thing everyone says about Walker, whether it is on the basketball court, pushing his teammates to success like this past weekend in the Salt Lake Jamboree where they won all three of their games or off the court and in the classroom. One thing is for certain; Walker is a strong leader.
“The bond the team has is what contributed most to the Eagles success in the Jamboree, along with their communication on defense and simply playing their game,” Walker says. The USUE Golden Eagles will play against Colorado Mesa University in a scrimmage on Tuesday, Oct. 27 at 3:00 p.m. at the Bunnel-Dmitrich Athletic Center here in Price.
Walker’s family, friends and teammates mean the most to him, especially their support. Thinking about his family back home in Chicago is what keeps him motivating throughout practice and during his basketball games. “I just think about my family, the struggle,” he says. Walker’s mother works with the Department of Children and Family Foster Care.
Being the eldest in the family, Walker is used to his younger brother and two younger sisters looking up to him for guidance. His teammates also look to him as being the leader on and off the court.
Walker believes that being caring is the one aspect of his reputation that is most deserved, he continued to say that being funny was the least deserved. “A lot of people describe me as being laid-back and cool, too.
“I would just be a regular college student with a job, if I didn’t play basketball,” Walker says. After finishing his last year here at Eastern, Walker wants to continue school to earn his degree at any division one school.
Walker ultimately wants to play in the National Basketball Association (NBA), to continue to play the sport he is passionate about, however, if that doesn’t work out, he says he would want to be an architect.
Although going to college is one thing he is most proud of, Walker says coming to Price is the biggest risk he has taken thus far.
During Walker’s sophomore year of high school, he says that the wildest thing he has done was dance in the middle of the street without a shirt. When asked about the funniest moment he has had with the basketball team, he said it would have to be when they all met each other at the airport because they instantly starting making fun of each other.
Walker has been playing basketball for over a decade. He started playing the game and he soon fell in love with when he was just eight years old. “Basketball is my escape from all the stress,” Walker says.
“LeBron James is my favorite basketball player, he’s the best at what he does, behind Michael Jordan, and Kobe Bryant.”
Walker, the leader on the basketball court, in the classrooms, and back home in Chicago.