June 14, 2024

Millennials in politics


This archived article was written by: Madison Woodward

Lt. Gov. Spencer J. Cox talked to a group of community members about the future of the clean-coal industry in Carbon Country and its influence in the world, at the Carbon County Republican Party’s Reagan Day fund raising dinner on Oct. 10. He also spoke on the role millennials have in politics.
Millennials are the age group between 18 and 24, Many of the students on USU Eastern’s campus are part of this age group.
Cox believes this age group can change the face of politics. The question is, why the Lt. Governor is so adamant about millennials participation in politics and how are they able to make a difference?
“Millennials volunteer more than any other age denomination, but they want nothing to do with politics,” Cox said. It seems this generation, more than any other, seeks to make a difference and have a voice, but they avoid becoming involved in politics.
It seems contradictory, that a large age demographic, who have the drive to make such a difference, does not want to be involved with the decisions that are running our country. Why is that?
During his speech, Cox answered this question by looking into these young voters’ minds saying, “[millennials] abhor what is happening in Washington, D.C. [you] seek respect, [you] seek to disagree, without being disagreeable.”
Something that has been found about 18 to 24 year olds in general, is that they seek to express their opinions without tearing others down, or becoming offensive to other’s opinions. Cox believes that if millennials were a part of politics, that they could change the nature of politics in the United States.
Why is this so important? Millennials are just one age demographic of voters out of many. There is an entire country of voters who have as much say as they do, why is this age demographic more important than the others? Cox simply says “there are just so many of [us].” If 40 percent of our age demographic voted (that is two out of every five people) they would be the deciding votes in elections. Millennials could shape the future of this country, if only they would take control.