April 20, 2024

Setting the record straight


This archived article was written by: Nathaniel Woodward

Well, what a nice little hole I’ve dug myself into. As a writer who takes great pride in his political leanings, I’ve managed to royally tick of my like minded compatriots with my first two topics of GMO’s and nuclear power. Remember this my science zealots, your leader subscribes to scientific reality, I present the facts as we know them, I will not change the answer simply because you do not like it. That being said, its time to tick off the other half of my readers, today you are going to learn about climate change.
The first thing you need to understand is the difference between weather and climate. Simply stated, weather is short term and climate is long term, really, really long term, usually at least 30 years. So when you think you’re making a point by bringing a snowball inside, you’re not, stop, you’re embarrassing yourself. It may be unusually cold where you live but in the big picture data shows that overall global temperatures are on the rise. The yearly change is about 0.02 degrees Celsius which is somewhat paltry to the doom and gloom you may have watched on some former politicians documentary, however please note this change over time will be catastrophic.
Next, understand that the scientific community is not divided on this issue. Regardless of what your chosen news network has told you, the science is concrete. To claim otherwise is to show a fundamental lack of understanding on how the scientific process works. Consistently the only evidence brought about by those who choose to argue against the science is two studies published in the early seventies suggesting we were entering a new ice age. Unfortunately that’s where their argument ends, forgetting to check journal articles published soon after which fulfilled the peer reviewed part of science, debunked the claims and…set the record straight (see what I did there?) From a scientific journal perspective the consensus on research conducted across the globe is 100% in agreement, climate change is happening and its human caused.
Finally, what remains up for debate is what we are going to do about it. That’s where your political leanings should certainly hold weight, whether left or right. Something must be done and a middle ground between people keeping their jobs and us not destroying the planet must be found. Nobody outside of executives who own the fossil fuel companies actually care about fossil fuels, they care about paychecks, the lifeblood that keeps their families fed and that’s a noble thing. But don’t for a second think you wouldn’t be just as loyal to solar farms if that’s what paid your bills, stop letting executives tell you what to believe, the science is settled and they are dead and immorally wrong. We put highly evolved monkey’s on the surface of a celestial body that was not Earth over forty years ago, don’t believe for a second we couldn’t buckle down and develop the technology to make solar, wind, ocean current, geothermal and nuclear energies practical and heaven forbid, profitable. Your kids are counting on it.