July 14, 2024

Angel Tree assists families


This archived article was written by: Stacy Gravin

The Angel Tree is an opportunity for a “true act of kindness and service.” Terry Johnson, adviser for the SUN Center, said. In 1993, the SUN Center began and it was around this time that the Angel Tree was incorporated here.
The names that are selected for the tree are provided by United Way. Anyone can choose a name off of the tree, not just students. However, “half are selected by students, one fourth by employees, and the last one fourth by the community, often times on Bread ‘n’ Soup nights.” Johnson said.
One thing seen in this simple act of kindness is the, “pure attitude in doing good for children.” Johnson said.
Even those who otherwise wouldn’t volunteer will join in on the Angel Tree for the benefit and good of children.
This year we have taken 154 gifts. About a fourth of these have been turned in, Johnson says, “Please don’t forget to return your gifts, so that the families and children can have a Christmas that they are dreaming of.”
After all, that’s what the Angel Tree is for. It’s for providing for the little “angels” that otherwise might not have a Christmas they are dreaming of.
“Don’t forget.” The children of the Angel Tree await, he said.