February 24, 2024

Strengths of Broncos, Panthers

This archived article was written by: Brett Smart

You would have to live under a rock if you did not know the Super Bowl is Sunday, one of the largest un-official American holidays. It’s also one of the most viewed events in the United States every year, making it a prime target for advertising. In fact, some people watch purely for the advertisements, which are arguably the best ones of the year.
Advertisement slots at this years Super Bowl are projected to cost $5 million for a 30-second slot. That’s 10 times more than an ad aired in primetime TV.
Others watch for the halftime show. It’s often the highlight of the game, where fans can relax from the tension of competition. This year, the Super Bowl L halftime show is rumored to feature Bruno Mars, Coldplay, Beyonce and more.
This year’s halftime show will cost $7 million; costing six times more per minute to produce than most Broadway shows. An impressive amount for Pepsi to be sponsoring, but it’s sure to be worth every penny.
It still stands that most viewers of the Super Bowl are actually there to watch the game. This year the Broncos play the Panthers with both teams exhibiting a strong offense and a strong defense.
The Broncos have a defensive style that keeps opposing offenses from putting together any kind of drive. This compliments their offense and aging quarterback, Peyton Manning, by keeping the goal in close range. The Broncos rarely complete long drives on offense.
The Panthers show a defensive style that often stops the opposing offense later in the drive. This doesn’t compliment their offense so well, because Cam Newton and the spread offense ran by the Panthers, need to close 60-70-yard drives to score. That takes a lot of energy. It’s not easy to speculate who will win it this year; it could go either way. What is almost certain, is a low scoring game.
The Broncos will have a hard time breaking the goal line resolve of the Panthers, and the Panthers will have a hard time putting a solid drive together against the Broncos’ defense.
Neither team should score more than 24 points. As far as predictions go, the score will be 21-24 in favor of the Panthers. However, in the end, the Super Bowl is a show to entertain all, it’s marketed that way. So enjoy your Super Bowl Sunday wherever you are.