July 25, 2024

Discrimination comes in words


This archived article was written by: Klever Barrezueta

Discrimination at Utah State University Eastern is not an issue. That doesn’t mean discrimination is not a problem. The small comments and conversations that involve discriminatory rhetoric has been swept under the rug and ignored. Conversations involving ableist, misogynistic, homophobic and racist content is not rare in Price, Utah.
People make comments unaware who they are going to offend. Whether it be people saying “That’s gay.” or making fun of people with disabilities or for being homosexual. The number of people in Price who believe it is okay to drop the “N word” whenever they please is astonishing. It also seems that the students driving while waving their confederate flags around usually feel entitled to use other racial slurs among the non-white population without remorse.
Comments around campus for example like “People from the Dominican Republic are an inferior race.” are going around and not being filtered or spoken up about. It is ignored that women are objectified and not seen as equal. The student body at USUE should not just let comments slide by they should speak up and comment on situations like that.
A quote from M1 Psychology states that “The problem that occurs is when the act of social discrimination moves from being a way to work out “who your people are” to those who are not in your social group. Often minority social groups label the majority with similar negative labels, as a way to feel that the minority is special and a safe group to belong to. Labeling minorities and labeling majority groups is the way that the media plays with news articles to make you read and feel sufficiently threatened to read on. The more that the media can make you feel unsafe, the more you will want to read and seek information on the social group that scares you.”
The student body of USU Eastern should watch what they say before they get a another article written about them. Remember to keep the peace and enjoy your college experience.