June 26, 2022

Student body president hopes to build success of students


This archived article was written by: Hannah Coleman

At Utah State University Eastern, many organizations are built around the success of students. One of those organizations is EUSA, or Eastern Utah Student Association. This year the organization is presided by Phillip Daniel Raich.
Most call him Phill, but he has other nicknames. At dances you might know him as DJ Philly Phill. His worst nickname, however, is Twinky. Raich trusts you’ll take his word when he says it’s the worst.
He has sweeping brown hair and wears glasses. When it comes to changing his appearance, he’s mentioned a potential haircut, but has strong opinions of LASIK eye surgery. He “doesn’t need anyone cutting open” his eyeballs.
Nobody is perfect. Even the fearless student body leader has areas to improve on.
Something to take note of is his footwear. Raich cannot keep both of his shoes tied at one time. Close friends expressed concern fearing one day his predicament could lead to a fatal tripping. He is in complete denial, declaring he will take “absolutely zero measures because this is a free country and shoelaces can do what they want.” Hopefully his statement about liberty will pan out in his favor. While speaking of Phill’s shoe opinions, he mentioned Jesus is the only one who can pull off Jesus sandals, but only because of His ability to walk on water.
President Raich is a man of many opinions. He might not have a favorable opinion of contemporary sandals, but he has nothing but good things to say about leggings, adding, “Praise the Lord for the new generation of pants.”
Even though he was born in June, December could be a time to look forward to for him. Director JJ Abrahms recently left the Star Trek reboot franchise to take on cultural rivals in the Star Wars universe. The two competitors have split fans for generations now. As for Raich, he airs on the side of Wars. He has a strong admiration for padawons and their commitment to the Jedi Order. You can catch the EUSA President at a showing for Rogue One this winter.
Part of being president of the student body is handling hard situations. Raich is entirely equipped for this. Not only has he worked to set up an Eagle Support Line for students to reach out, he has offered specific advice for those struggling with the loss of Harambe the Gorilla, “Keep it in your pants, he wouldn’t want this nonsense from us all.”
Something Raich has been working on recently is smoothing out the merger. He believes no school policies are in place that need revision, but rather the lack of policies regarding the guidelines of the merger agreements are concerning to many, including faculty, students and alumni.
If Raich could do one thing to immediately improve the school, he would create an equal opportunity relationship between the campuses of Utah State University and have a firm agreement of cooperation.
Raich is your student body president. He’s here to represent you and you can usually find him in the student government office.

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