June 30, 2022

Student spotlight


This archived article was written by: Terlynn Westphal

Taylor Hague came to Utah State University Eastern at the recommendation of his high school friend, Eric Love, from Taylorsville, Utah. He is a resident advisor on campus and over the Sessions Resident Hall.
At Taylorsville High School, Hague participated in debate and did well in oratory. He explains this event as “a-10-minute memorized speech.” He had no desire to participate in other events because he did not want to “argue with anyone.”
For five years, Hague enjoyed doing volunteer work at the zoo. “I talked to people about animals and conservation about eight hours a day. I’ve been interested in animals since I was 4.” His passion for animals began, he said when, “I grew up watching things like Crocodile Hunter, with Jeff Corwin, on Animal Planet. And then my grandpa was the director of the [University of Utah] Museum of Natural History, so he was a really good resource who encouraged that.”
Following a school year at Eastern, Hague plans on transferring to Logan to further his education and to be with his girlfriend of five years. He plans on getting his bachelor degree in wildlife science and finding a career that allows him to work with animals.
Hague enjoys traveling. He has been to 22 states and spent nine days in Peru with a group of people. “It was the best thing I ever did!”
Hague wishes that there was more empathy in the world. Empathy to him is when someone is able to “think about how other people must feel and what perspectives other people must be coming from. I feel like that would make the world a lot kinder.”
Although Hague seems to have everything going for him, he explained a weakness that he has to live with every day. “My triceps are not very strong…”

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