June 30, 2022

Tucket, a multiple-sport athlete from Syracuse


This archived article was written by: Edmond James Sanders

A two-sport student-athlete her freshman year, Kila Mateah Alizabeth Tuckett, became a three-sport athlete this academic year. With the addition of softball to the Utah State University Eastern family, Teah contrives to exploit her abilities in the spring ensuing a phenomenal sophomore year of volleyball, basketball and softball.
However, we all know what Tuckett does but who is she?
Tuckett was a multi-sport athlete from Syracuse High School in Syracuse, Utah. She’s a small town girl of West Point, Utah, who sums up herself in three words: outgoing, athletic and family oriented. For those who don’t know Teah, there isn’t enough amazing words in the dictionary to describe her.
“Pursue life with a positive attitude because I believe attitude is everything,” Tuckett says, whose daily mantra is “life is an adventure.” Tuckett is one of those people when you see her, your day brightens. Always smiling, happy and if you catch her at the right time you may see her rocking out to Elvis Presley’s “Jail House Rock” or Queen’s “I Want to Break Free”. How can you not be joyful with all that dancing!
Already known as an incredible athlete and phenomenal dancer, many may not know Tuckett is an astounding musical artist who writes songs and play the guitar. Tuckett says the talent she wishes she had would be to yodel and play the guitar as well as her brother, but hearing her perform first-hand one can see where she gets the talent.
“I am proud to be a member of the family I have because I just admire and want to be like every-one of them. They would do anything for me, they are just simply amazing. They molded me into the person I am and continue to become. They are my light at the end of the tunnel. They have and always will be my light and support,” she said.
The biggest change she implemented into her life is, “Coming to college and not being able to see family everyday.” However, it was an essential transition, “To repay my family for sacrificing a ton to be able to live and pursue my dreams and to just help people, spread love and change lives.” She’s done just that and on track to positively influence/affect many more.
If money were no object, she said, “I would own a therapeutic horse ranch.” …A perfect answer to sum up Tuckett’s huge heart.
Get to know Kila Mateah Alizabeth Tuckett, she’s an amazing athlete, phenomenal dancer, awesome musical artist and words can’t justify how incredible of a person she is. She will be completing her sophomore year at USUE and working towards a bachelor’s of science degree in nutrition.
Women’s basketball starts Nov 1 and women’s softball in February as Teah battles on the hardwood and swings away on the diamond spring semester.
She said, “Every morning say your prayers and make your bed.” “Be allergic to procrastination and if I were to write a note to myself, it would state, listen Teah have a little more gratitude in your life. Be more grateful for the talents you have, opportunities you have and all the hard work you put in to get where you are. Be grateful for where I am and who has helped me. Gratitude, humility makes the world go round!”
In the future you can catch Teah surfing the waves in Hawaii or on the porch in Nashville, Tenn., writing songs and playing the guitar.

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