June 30, 2022

Ideas to increase enrollment


This archived article was written by: Chris Biese

USUE is a great campus in Carbon County. Many students enjoy the campus and the management of it. Some of us heard the university needs to increase the number of the students enrolled here.
Here in Price city, we have a two a three high School that provide a great number of the students to his university. A few strategies could be implemented to attract even more students each semester.
The scholarship program could be one to increase the number of student on campus and provide a better education. A rumor going around that Utah State University’s scholarship program will be available for all regional campuses soon and that will be an excellent event for the students and parents.
For example, USU Eastern could give a scholarship to cover 50 or 75 percent of the tuition to attract more student, or the campus could ask the candidate to live on campus and purchase meal card in the cafeteria, or the campus can offer a free semester and student will be obliged to stay on campus and purchase the meal card. This will not only add a number of students each year, but also quite possibly total university funds.
Another thing that important at USUE is the newspaper! Being at USUE during the semester without see or read the newspapers could be issues sometimes time. Eagles ‘people love and appreciate the school newspapers. In the school newspapers you will found much information for different topic sport and any other events.
If the newspaper can be distribute in different way, it would help communities better understand what is happening in college.
If the newspaper could be delivered to such as places such as groceries, hospital, gas stations, etc. That could be a great impact in the community to be informed the college.
The community is excited to have this information and it is quite beneficial to the community as a whole. The eagle will continue to feed the community by bringing great news.
The bookstore is another good service at our campus and while it is an absolutely amazing place to get USUE gear and other essentials, it would be great if would create a partnership program with Walmart and other stores throughout to be able to purchase USUE gear.
The townsfolk possibly would be more willing to purchase gear directly in the shops instead of coming on Campus. This partnership could also work to provide funds to the university’s coffers.
And lastly some tips about graduation, which is an explosive moment for student, their families, the university and everyone else attending the ceremony. When students are trying to celebrate with family, friends, and acquaintances they also are trying prepare for the awful nightmare that is finals week. We are asking that the graduated student to do the finals a week early before the finals weeks.
Chris Biese

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