July 14, 2024

The Legend of the White Lady


This archived article was written by: Travis Hill

There has always been debate over the existence of ghosts. But fortunately for Utah State University Eastern students, they can find out themselves. Carbon County is moderately famous for its ghosts. There are plenty of them, but none more famous than the White Lady.
If there is anything known about the area, it’s coal mining. And in 1927 the first mine popped up in Spring Canyon. Two more followed trying to keep up with demand from Salt Lake. For the longest time the state’s best coal came out of Spring Canyon. This is where the legend of the White Lady lives.
There are a many variations of the tale, but among all the stories there are two that are considered more likely, or more authentic than the rest.
The first story is that a woman’s husband and son were killed in a mining accident. The mining company did not pay her restitution. She had an infant daughter as well but could not afford to take care of her. In a twisted way, the woman wanted to spare the child from a life of suffering, so she drowned the child. The act drove her insane and she was institutionalized.
The second story still says that her husband was killed in a mining accident, but had no son, just the daughter. The company did, however, give her due restitution. Months after losing her husband her daughter was kidnapped and never found. She was pushed to the brink by heartache and took her life.
The White Lady is said to roam Spring Canyon in search of something: possibly her family that was never found. Maybe she’s seeking revenge. Whatever the case, sightings of a floating, ethereal woman, dressed in all white have been reported for decades. The last of the mines were shut down in 1966, but the White Lady has been around for at least 30 years before that and still haunts the canyon today.
Even without a ghost, the area is quite eerie. The canyon is littered with abandoned homes, ruins from the mines and barren facilities. During the day time the remains are a great place for adventure. However, at night, the wreckage seems to be right out of a horror film.
Those students brave enough to undertake such an endeavor merely have to drive towards helper, take exit 232, turn left and make their way up the canyon. So dawn your ghost hunting attire and get out there. Explore some real life haunted houses and discover one of life’s great mysteries. Are ghosts real?