July 23, 2021

Behind The Scenes of the Utah State University Eastern Choir


This archived article was written by: Christopher Anokam

Behind The Scenes of the Utah State University Eastern Choir.
The Utah State University Eastern Choir concluded its fall concert performance, shading new light to the capability of the choir. With new leadership under Larry Martin as the choir director, and Elise Tuttle the pianist, the choir has been in its best to achieve quality performance to fans of real concert music. Martin pushed for the best on master pieces in classical and contemporary music. An example as “KYRIE, OMINA SOL” etc. Such type of selection brings about the best in the singers, who pour emotion and professionalism while captivating its audience.
USU Eastern choir which has a structure to ensure reliability and efficient performance, are divided into two main structure while maintaining the title USUE choir as an umbrella: the regular choir and the chamber choir. The difference is the chamber choir tend to do more pieces of music and put out a lot of effort by waking up at 6:30a.m for practices while also having to join later for practice with the regular choir.
They are both in a similar way the same while working together to achieve the same objectives. There are also groups of individual in the choir, same as seen in all choir group anywhere in the world: the soprano, alto, tenor and bass.
They all go through auditioning process in order for individuals in the choir to be specified in what group of singers the fall in. It is also imperative to know that practice makes perfect, and good music takes a lot of effort and refining to achieve a main goal of the best. Having the right combination brings about the best in music.
Practices for musical pieces are held one hour every day for better familiarity with each individual music piece and individual practices or group practices are also encouraged by the choir director. The students acknowledge Elise Tuttle, pianist for the choir. Her commitment and best brings about the best In the Utah State University Eastern choir.
As the USU Eastern choir strives to be the best, gratitude is with the administration and fans of good music for the encouragement and support. With more concert performance to showcase in the upcoming week, you all know that the Eastern concert choir will do a marvelous job. They perform on December 2nd at Salt Lake City, messiah performance on 4th December at the price civic center, and final fall concert on Dec. 7, 2016 at the CIB.

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