August 1, 2021

Cross 400 North at own risk


This archived article was written by: Alex Holt

Rumors circulate that there is light enforcement in the areas of speeding and parking violations on 400 North, between 400 East and Veteran’s way
While many might think that the road falls under the jurisdiction of the university’s police, it is actually under Price City Police Department’s.
Capt. Bill Barns of the Price City Police Department said while he is not aware of any specific complaints, there have been some from the nearby high school from time to time. All these complaints are handled with the school resources officer.
This apparent lack or light enforcement near the campus can be explained by the fact that Price PD has 17 officers, including the school resources officer as well as a drug task force officer, two administrative officers and three detectives, leaving only 10 officers for patrol.
Of those 10 patrol officers, five are slotted for patrol for each 24 period, which means that one or two officers may be on a shift at any given moment.
These officers who are out on their shift may not have to time to just watch one street during their shift as they do respond to calls throughout their shift.
This means USU Eastern’s police, which has statewide jurisdiction, takes most of the day-to-day burden of enforcing rules and laws on and around campus, including fourth north.
Despite this, Barns says that the university police and Price City PD enjoy a wonderful relationship and has been the “best it has ever been.”
Both departments are well aquatinted and even have friendly relations with USUE’s parent police department in Logan.
While Barns cannot speak for USUE’s police department, he has said that Price PD’s enforcement is focused on educating the public.
For example, a parking violations is categorized as a non-moving violation and is a city civil citation. The fine is typically $15 for a first offense and used to get the attention of the offender to tell them not to park in a red zone or in front of a fire hydrant.
Even with Price PD’s best efforts,. Barns recalled examples of where people ignored safety and educational guidelines.
Two years ago on 400 North, there was an incident where a driver was at fault speeding early morning with frost on the windshield and clipped someone.
On the opposite hand, there was an indecent a few years prior on 300 East where the pedestrian was fault ignoring sidewalk on the dimly lit road at night and was hit.
Barns continues to support educating the public on safely laws and rules.
To help in patrolling USUE, Scott Henrie, associate professor of criminal justice has proposed dedicated police parking spots in the joint Reeves/BDAC parking area of the campus.
The reasoning behind this is due to that fact that without such parking, police now on campus have run across campus to get to their vehicles when responding to a call.
The police are on campus daily teaching and get called out frequently. They have to run to their vehicles that maybe be nowhere near their teaching labs.
When answering a 911 call, seconds count and police need closer access to their vehicles to respond in a timely matter.
Prof. Henrie talked with Eric Mantz, associate vice chancellor, suggesting the idea and while Mr. Mantz seemed enthusiastic about the idea, nothing has yet to be done.

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