July 24, 2021

Letter to the editor


This archived article was written by: Chris Biese

If the nursing program could be expanded to include a master’s degree it would certainly help out both USU Eastern and the residents of Carbon County.
Such a program could contribute in campus funding and future careers across the county and all of Southern Utah.
A student who finishes with the RN and LP or a Certified Nursing Assistant is going to Wasatch Front to continue with a master’s degree program, which is more expensive than if the program would be offered in Price.
In case there is not an on-campus instructor that could fill the position, the university could hire an instructor and finding an organization to help students with financial aid or a scholarship.
A combination of USUE, Castleview Hospital and perhaps a few partners could provide a boost to get the program started.
USUE’s nursing department is producing bright and talented students who are doing an excellent job in our community and around Utah.
We asked Dr. Joe Peterson and the board of trustees to help the nursing departments to offer a master’s of nursing degree at USUE that will be not only benefit the campus, but also USU and Carbon County. I spoke with some faculty of the nursing department and they think that it is a good insight and some teachers said the program will be good and cool for the campus. If we need to grow the campus, the master’s of nursing degree could be a great field to add to USUE programs and contribute to the USU community.
Chris Biese

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