July 24, 2021

NFL midseason: six teams that can win the Super Bowl

This archived article was written by: Tai Justice

We have reached the mid-way point in the NFL season and no one is sure if there is a great team this year. Every team in contention has serious question marks that are hard to overlook, so I will go through what six teams can win the Super Bowl to try and figure this out.
This is in no order, just teams I think there is a route for them to hold up the Lombardi Trophy come February.
1. The New England Patriots. The Patriots would have to be the favorites at this point. Why they will the Super Bowl: They have Tom Brady and Bill Belichick. The best quarterback/coaching duel ever and have the most efficient offense in the league. That’s a good combination. Why they won’t: The defense is still a huge question mark. They haven’t played an elite offense yet and are giving up a lot of yards and points.
2. The Dallas Cowboys. While the Patriots may be the favorites in the whole league, I say that the Cowboys are the favorites to at least be representing the NFC in the Super Bowl. Why they will win the Super Bowl: They have the best offensive line and running back combination in the league. They control the line of scrimmage against every team they play. Ezekiel Elliott is playing fantastic football and it doesn’t look like anyone can slow him down, plus the defense is better than anyone thought it would be coming into the season. Why they won’t: They have this huge cloud hanging over the team right now. They are 7-1, but still have a quarterback controversy. If Tony Romo is healthy, they stick with Dak Prescott and they lose even a game, the guys might start to take sides on who they think should start. And vice-versa if they go with Romo. That can divide a team apart and possibly derail their season.
3. The Pittsburgh Steelers. Pittsburgh has really struggled lately, but Ben Roethlisberger is injured. They haven’t had their full-team together all season, due to injuries and suspensions. Why they will win the Super Bowl: This is the most dangerous offense in the league with everyone playing together. They can drop 30 points on any defense, on any given Sunday. All this team needs to do is make the playoffs and no one is going to want to play them. Why they won’t: They haven’t shown they are a consistent enough team to play four-straight good games and that’s what they’re more than likely going to need to win the Super Bowl considering they’ll more than likely be a wild card team.
4. The Seattle Seahawks. As a Packer fan, I live in constant fear of Seattle. Why they will win the Super Bowl: This is what they do, right? They look bad in these games, but make enough plays to win and then all of the sudden they’ve won eight out of nine games and have home field advantage in the playoffs. Why they won’t: Their offensive line is horrible. They can’t block anyone and at this rate, I don’t know if Russell Wilson will make it through the season intact.
5. The Kansas City Chiefs. Everyone always sleeps on the Chiefs and I understand why, they’re boring. It’s the same old Chiefs. They dink and dunk you on offense and play good defense. Why they will win the Super Bowl: They can run the ball very well, they’ll never turn the ball over and make you earn every yard when they’re on defense. Why they won’t: I think they’re a little limited at quarterback and their coach never fared well in the playoffs.
6. The Denver Broncos. You can’t leave out the champs. It’s theirs until someone takes it from them. Why they will win the Super Bowl: They still have the best defense in the league and I’m not sure it’s close. They’ve also been there before. Why they won’t: injuries to their running backs have hurt them and I still don’t think their quarterback is good.

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