July 25, 2024

Student spotlight


This archived article was written by: Terlynn Westphal

Freshman Klever Barrezueta has always been involved in his community. At Copper Hills High School, in West Jordan, Barrezueta participated in ultimate frisbee, slam poetry and debate. He was actively involved in all of these teams. Because his mass involvement did not occur until his senior year of high School, “I definitely was really disorganized, I just took on a lot of things.”
At college, he continues to be involved in the university community. He serves USUE as the diversity representative. “Being part of this team is very interesting because we can include other people of different areas and backgrounds. When people think of diversity, a lot of times they think of non-white. But we like to take [diversity] from a standpoint where it is anything that makes a person different from another.”
Although Barrezueta is comfortable in a social environment, he favors the ability he has to be inclusive. He enjoys learning new things about others by communicating with and getting to know them. He believes that the more bonds formed with the student body, the better he can represent the school.
As far as academic goals, Barrezueta plans to get a double major in political science and business, with a minor in philosophy. Future decisions he acknowledges now include whether he will want to attend graduate or doctorate school and if he will pursue law school.
In regards to his success in academics, Barrezueta advises to, “choose who you associate with wisely. Make smart decisions and have good time management.”
Barrezueta said that in today’s society, there are a lot of issues on the “other”. He explained the “other,” as “the voices that aren’t heard.” One of his hopes is to make those voices heard. “There is a lot of majority opinion, but if we could incorporate everyone’s perspective so that we’d have a society where we see everyone as equal, but still different- that would be what I say is a goal of mine.”