August 10, 2022

God hates us all

This archived article was written by: Nathaniel Woodward

You read that right. Do I have your attention? I’m just like any other person: I work, I read, I pay taxes, I can be happy, laugh, I can even get angry, just like many of you, I’ve had victories and defeats, highs and lows. Now I don’t know if I’m going through the stages of grief or if I’m just fed up with the unbearable hypocrisy enveloping my world, but I have a creative outlet and by god, I’m going to use it.

Donald J. Trump is the President-Elect of the United States, that’s it, he won. Kinda. I mean 2.5 more people voted for his opponent, but we have a system in place and that’s how it works no matter how strange. I did not vote for him, I won’t apologize for it, the dude bugs the heck outta me for a number of honest and well-documented reasons and the thought of him standing shoulder to shoulder with Lincoln and Kennedy makes me wretch. I’ve put up with the conspiracy theories, the special brand of nonsense those who don’t value things like evidence scream at you through a keyboard. Hilary killed 50 people…really?

I happen to live in this country which means I’m an American and he is now the president of America which does, in fact, make him my president. I am under no obligation, however, to go along with his half-baked plans. I’ve recently read in several places the analogy of us all on an airplane with President-Elect Trump as the pilot, conveying a message of unity in which wanting the pilot to fail will kill us all since we are all in this together. What I end up thinking is that if I’m on an airplane piloted by a guy who’s plan is to throw a quarter of the passengers out the window, sexually assault half of the remaining, then crash us into a mountain, you bet I want him to fail.

I understand that’s a tad dramatic, but I’ve never shied away from hyperbole. I don’t care if anyone agrees with that, I’m positive the comment section online is going to fill up, assaulting my character, have at it kids. But the guy in charge now openly called to ban people based on their religion, openly and brazenly mocked a disabled man and never apologized, called all Mexicans rapists and murderers, defrauded thousands of people out of hundreds of millions of dollars and settled for a mere 25 million, to top it off he bragged about sexually assaulting women. These are undisputed facts, now many of you rebut with the laundry list of misdeeds of other candidates, but they are not our president, he is and must be held accountable for his inexcusable behavior.

Those who vocally came out against Trump received serious backlash from people who threatened violence and hosility while some celebrities endorsed Trump, their followers sent Facebook messages asking for prayers. I was left wondering how exactly they felt that Dr. Stephen Hawking warned against Trump while Ted Nugent called for conservatives to hang liberals. That’s right, the scion of theoretical physics, arguably the smartest person alive warned us, while Trump got the guy who sings Wang Bang Sweet Poontang. Seems reasonable.

I’d also like to have a word with the younger generation who are passionately proclaiming that they will no longer associate with anyone who voted for Trump. Grow up. You and I live in the real world and take this advice from an adult, you cannot and will not be a successful let alone a happy person with that attitude. We are an American family and you don’t give up on family, ever.

Frankenstein’s political monster wants to be “the president for all people.” If you want to be a president for all people, stop calling them rapist and murders, stop demeaning women and for the love, stop bragging about being a sex offender. I did exactly what my leaders asked me to do, I gave Trump a chance and not two weeks in, he hired a man with ties to white supremacy, made a man who was denied a federal position due to his sympathetic views of the KKK Attorney General, made a woman who has zero experience in public education in charge of public education and considered a man for Secretary of State who would have to ask his probation officer for permission to attend any event or conference out of his home state. Game over, I’m out, chance given, thanks for playing. Say what you will, but the hypocrisy is killing me and the only hypothesis I’m left with is that God must hate us all.

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