December 6, 2022

Mormon Tabernacle Choir has performed at several inaugurations; no party affiliation


This archived article was written by: Hannah Coleman

The 2016 presidential election was polarizing. Donald Trump succeeded in winning over most of working-class America to snatch electoral votes, but many are dissatisfied with the outcome. Many feel this isn’t just a loss for their party but also an embarrassment for the nation.

Clinton’ support was from most of the entertainment world. Many in Hollywood felt Trump’s campaign tactics were especially brutal and disgusting, so when it came time to select performers for his inauguration, he faced no small obstacle. Big name performers either refused to perform for Trump or backed out after fan backlash. After several weeks, it was announced the Mormon Tabernacle Choir would be singing at the inauguration.

It would make sense to be appalled at the decision to sing if this was the precedent. This is not the case. The choir sang at several inaugurations and several more inauguration parades before. They performed for presidents, regardless of party affiliation. They performed for corrupt presidents and popular presidents alike. As a choral group, they have no political stance.

There are many members and to claim the politics are homogenous would be a gross generalization. A single performer might avoid political events because it could reflect an agenda, regardless of whether one exists. The only view that each choir member shares for certain is that they are Mormon. Even specific religious views within church doctrine can be disputed.

The Mormon Tabernacle Choir doesn’t care about America’s opinion. Their platform reaches more than just this country. It’s more important than Trump. Singing in China does not mean the choir supports the genocide of the government.

The purpose of the organization is to spread their message of love, peace and Christ in whatever platform they can. Although many Western countries don’t like Trump, other regions in the world are not so quick to hate him. Using an internationally viewed event, like a presidential inauguration, to promote their message that directly counters so much of what Trump promoted with his emotionally charged campaign is exactly the kind of thing the choir should do, has always done and continue to do.

Here’s the main problem with criticizing the choir for interacting with Trump. It’s ignorant. Many people who voted are not familiar with the way politics work.

If everyone displeased with Trump decided to pout in a corner and yell when someone shook hands with him, it would ultimately end in the worst kind of Trump victory. All of the catastrophic scenarios people are worried about coming to light have a much higher likelihood of occurring if nobody fights him.

In politics, especially a congressional assembly, calling him a bigot and misogynist does not do this. It’s peaceful diplomacy that allows for compromises that slows his agenda. If Democrats don’t play nice with a majority Republican House and Senate members, the Republicans will overstep them every time. Working with the president-elect does not equate to normalizing his vile words. It’s just pragmatic. If you want to stop Trump, you must understand this.

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