December 6, 2021

Students give input on campus activities


This archived article was written by: Anelique Lokeni

In a small college town like Price, finding things to do on the weekends away from home can be difficult. Of course the school offers clubs, sports teams and intramurals, however the faculty and students realize that some students are still left feeling bored on weekends in their dorms, and the staff of The Eagle turned to the students in search of a way to combat that boredom.
Students were asked what activities they would like to see offered on campus and answers ranged from free food to recreational activities. Freshman, Tiana Sekona, said, “Usually when I stay on weekends, my friends and I come to the student center and have pool tournaments or play board games.”
However, Sekona and her friends seem to make their own fun, she did admit that she would be in interested if the school offered other activities as well. “If the school were to offer something like bowling or rollerblading, I would definitely enjoy that,” she said.
Students were also asked if they would be willing to pay for more activities on campus and the response was a resounding no. Some ideas Sierrah Ashton and Alex Burrola suggested were free movie nights and food. Both said “no” to paying for activities. “That’s what our student fees are for, and they’re already expensive,” Ashton explained.
The Eagle staff also gave its input and suggested more outdoor activities. “There is a lot of land around Price, we could definitely offer more recreational activities for students,” said one staff member. The rest of the staff were not opposed to the idea of spending more time outside and being active. Other members chimed in to give suggestions such as sledding and free admittance to the Price City Wave Pool for students.
The most popular ideas brought up by students were definitely bowling, game and movie nights with food, and most students agreed that they would prefer not to pay for campus activities since this is what they believe student fees should be used to take care of.
They also thought campus buildings where students hang out are closed too early. They would like to see the library hours extended as well as the BDAC open later and on weekends.

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