December 2, 2023

Truschka outside of the classroom


This archived article was written by: Dean Thacker

Philosophy and politics professor, Jennifer Truschka, empowers everyone around her. Truschka has the rare ability to bring her classes to life.
With amazing discussions and debates, her classes give a dimension of learning that enables everyone to reach their potential. This is exactly how Truschka approaches education and life in general.
Truschka could describe her education as a roller coaster, however her tenacity has brought her to new heights. She has a bachelor’s degree in psychology and political science, a masters degree in political philosophy, a master’s degree in liberal studies, and a Ph.D. in international psychology.
“I try to tell my students when they are pursuing a degree; you have to keep an open mind, opportunities are out there, good creative jobs are available throughout the world, so don’t limit yourselves, take the world by the horns,” she said.
While in her late 20s, between degrees, Truschka moved to Rio De Janiero, Brazil. There she meet a lady whose name was Vaina. Vaina was a prostitute. Truschka later became good friends with Vaina and Vaina’s life became of great interest to her. She would later write her dissertation for her doctorate on Prostitute’s Rights Movement.
This movement, where she learned more from Davida, a prostitute’s rights organization, was an organization that fought to help empower women and men, plus how to have the necessary skills to get out of prostitution. Davida also realizes that prostitution can sometimes be the only option for these women. So they do not take away their agency and treat them like children.
Truschka likes teaching and living in Price, Utah. She said, “I love Utah State University Eastern, I love my students, I love the administration and I love the opportunities that students and faculty have.”
One of Truschka’s favorite memories from USU Eastern was when she was told by someone that she reminded them of Noam Chomsky; a personal idol of Truschka.
Truschka loves learning. Last semester she took a automotive class and it was the most fascinating class to her. She said that she leaned so much and the automotive program at USU Eastern is fantastic!
During her lifetime, Truschka has lived many lives and says that some of her best times was when she was living poor, in a basement, in a foreign country and eating Ramen noodles.
She says, “Travel and read as much as you can while you are young, go and experience the world, stop being so cautious and it will all work out in the end”

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