December 8, 2022

Computer hacking . . . who’s there?


This archived article was written by: Hailey Peyton Sellers

What if you were told there was a secret society threatening the privacy of people everywhere… online. This mysterious collective has the potential to find every dark secret you have ever emptied from the “recycling can” on your desktop. 
You might say something like: yeah, we have all heard that before, so what’s new? Or you might be scared of the cyber-space graves rising up from there not so restful sleep. What you should know before you throw away this paper is that someone is always watching. Every password, website created or blog you post can be unlocked. 
The Dark Web is the part is cyberspace that no ordinary “googler” can access. With specific software, hackers can swim through the web unnoticed. There are many software specialists who are hired by the government for their skills. There are also rogue-technical geniuses who wreak havoc among the unsuspecting prey. For example: sex trafficking. To battle this evil, another rogue group has formed called Anonymous. 
It’s the classic scene of good versus evil. A battle beneath our fingertips. The Anonymous group isn’t  one that has council meetings with punch and cookies. In fact, they are each lurking in the shadows as a self-declared member. Anonymous is a system of vigilantes who expose government and illegal organizations. They have the capability to destroy websites hiding in the dark web whose intentions are not for the good of their victims. 
They have exposed government websites across the world. They have exposed emails from large corporations online. They have made powerful companies nervous, and have caused law enforcement agents, who tried to shut them down, to resign. 
Anonymous’ theme, as said on their website, is: “We are a Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us.”
“We are the ones in the dark to have served the light. Unlike you…the corporate paid mainstream media.” quote from the video: Anonymous- Message to the Corrupt Media and the World. 
Their symbol is a suite as a question mark for a head. Followers usually appear with a mask of white, shaped as an angular face of an unknown man. They have been said to be literally untraceable and unstoppable. The citizens of the world either stand with them, against them, or are completely unaware of them.
There are both positive and negative aspects of the World Wide Web. If you aren’t careful you can get caught, innocent or not.

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